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Wetland and Environmental Services
EDI's Wetlands and Environmental Division was added in 1989 when the US Army Corps of Engineers actively enforced wetland regulations.  EDI soon set the standards for wetland delineation and mitigation design in Western and Central New York, extending into upstate New York and Ohio.  EDI has since expanded to include wetland permitting, wetland functional assessments, stream geomorphology assessments, mitigation construction, mitigation construction monitoring, trail and boardwalk design, deed restriction covenant Exhibit "C" creation, interpretive wetland displays and alternative analyses.
Since inception, EDI has conducted over 3,000 wetland delineations and designed wetland mitigation projects for residential subdivisions, commercial developments, utility corridors, and public projects such as recreational and educational parks.  EDI has designed many mitigation sites with educational and recreational opportunities, including recreational trails, interpretive signs and boardwalks that allow the public to experience the unique wetland communities.  Other sites are used by educational groups to discuss the importance of wetland systems in the ecosystem, and the problems of invasive species.