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Mitigation Monitoring
Since 1989, Earth Dimensions, Inc (EDI) has planned and designed state and federal wetland mitigation projects ranging in size from 1/3 acres to over 50 acres.  EDI assists clients in all aspects of mitigation, from project planning through the final monitoring report.  The first step in any mitigation project is considering avoidance and minimization of wetland impacts, followed closely by determining what would be required to offset unavoidable impacts.  Clients benefit from EDI's working relationships with regulatory staff and knowledge of regulatory requirements.  A mitigation area, whether on or off the project site, involves a thorough analysis of soils and hydrology, as well as, knowledge of biologic factors which may affect the replacement wetland.  Important to this endeavor is the understanding of microsoil variability that is evaluated by experienced soil scientists.  If it is determined that an off-site mitigation is the only alternative, EDI has access to a network of professionals specializing in locating suitable low cost creation or restoration sites.  Mitigation design involves an understanding of the complex interactions between soils, hydrology, flora and fauna, as well as, knowledge of the cost factors involved in wetland construction.  EDI's experience and use of multi-disciplinary staff ensure that our clients receive high quality mitigation design.
EDI offers monitoring of construction and progress of mitigation projects for the required monitoring period, and creates monitoring reports for submission to state and federal regulators.  Monitoring visits include vegetative and hydrologic data collection, mechanical control of noxious and nuisance species, photo documentation of wetland progress, and inventory of wildlife usage.  Monitoring reports are submitted to federal and state regulators as required by project permits, and include data gathered during monitoring visits, photographic representations of the project, maps depicting site conditions, and recommendations for any changes that may be necessary to ensure a successful mitigation.