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Environmental Services 
Earth Dimensions, Inc's (EDI) Wetlands and Environmental Division was added in 1989 and soon expanded to include environmental assessment, ecological GPS mapping servies, Threatened & Endangered species surveys and mitigation plans, forest inventory GPS mapping services, land equity management consulting, environmental interpretive signage recommendations, habitat restoration & enhancement services, invasive species management plans, litigation support, and State Historic & Preservation Office (SHPO) project cover review packets.
Threatened & Endangered Species Studies Methods and Procedures
EDI has experience conducting surveys for a variety of species protected under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and those considered sensitive by individual state environmental agencies.  EDI personnel have the knowledge and experience to conduct surveys according to guidelines set forth by federal and state agencies, and to prepare Threatened & Endangered Species investigation reports that satisfy federal laws, regulations and requirements for a variety of development projects, including cell towers, landfills and wind parks.  EDI Soil Scientists and Ecologists have extensive experience conducting applied research needed to determine the potential impacts of natural resource development on sensitive species, and work to develop comprehensive avoidance guidance and mitigation plans.
Herbaceous Invasive Species Management
Invasive plant species can establish in a variety of ways.  Viable seed can be transported via wildlife, winds, water, contaminated topsoil, or dirty construction equipment.  EDI has the unique qualifications needed to design and implement invasive species management for sensitive wetland mitigation areas, and other critical habitats, with the creation of Invasive Species Management Plans.
Our knowledgeable Soil Scientists and Ecologists understand the variables and environmental factors that the regulatory agencies will consider before granting authorization to treat an infestation.  Our proposed management techniques allow for minimal disturbance of beneficial vegetation while eradicating non-desirable species.